Therapeutic & Holistic All Purpose Cleaner

Therapeutic & Holistic All Purpose Cleaner

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Jasmine- Benefits of Jasmine- Stress reliever, reduces anxiety, fights depression, increases alertness, and helps to fight low energy! #1 seller!!

Lavender- Benefits of Lavender- reduces anxiety, reduces depression, reduces restlessness, reduces headaches, and reduces pain!

Eucalyptus- Benefits of Eucalyptus- Improves respiratory conditions, improves seasonal allergies, fights infections, reduces pain and inflammation, alleviates headaches, and improves earaches.

Chamomile- Benefits of Chamomile- Fights anxiety & depression, natural allergy reliever, reduces symptoms of insomnia, supports digestive health, promotes heart health.

Peppermint- Benefits of Peppermint- Helps relieve menstrual cramps, fights bacterial infections, improves your sleep, relieves clogged sinuses, improves energy.